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Healthcare Biotechnology

RRP $266.99

Foreseeing and planning for all of the possibilities and pitfalls involved in bringing a biotechnology innovation from inception to widespread therapeutic use takes strong managerial skills and a solid grounding in biopharmaceutical research and development procedures. Unfortunately there has been a dearth of resources for this aspect of the field. Until now.

Focusing on the management of healthcare-related biotech, from conception through the product's regulatory approval and entire life cycle, Healthcare Biotechnology: A Practical Guide provides a practical, applicable resource to assist all health-care related biotech professionals in their day-to-day activities from the lab to the boardroom.

Divided into six sections, the book begins with current systems and recent progress and controversy, major players and products, and a comparison with the pharmaceutical industry. It covers intellectual property protection and management, the innovation cycle, patent application, commercialization, and competition.

Coverage includes funding, partnering, cash-intensive activities, financing alternatives, and the complexities of alliance implementation and management. It highlights research, development, and biomanufacturing; and examines clinical trial design and regulations; "fast-track" approvals; and patient recruitment as well as production platforms and processes, costs, strategies, and timelines.

It investigates marketing including planning, promotion, pricing, supply chain management, and bio-brand lifecycle management. It concludes with tips on running the business, offering diverse biobusiness models and reasonable expectations from inception through maturity and decline.

An indispensible guide, this book offers more than 40 figures, 220 tables, and 180 references as well as a list of abbreviations and a business plan outline. Each chapter contains 10 questions to reinforce the material covered and 10 exercises to challenge the reader and inspire critical thinking. Ancillary materials including solutions manual and over 1000 PowerPoint slides available for qualifying course adoption.


RRP $12.99

The year is 1860, and an old soldier's quest for justice leads him to the sylvan fastness of a European forest, wherein a great evil lurks. However, General Spielsdorf does not travel alone. Moreover, his band of companions carry a secret of their own, and it is one which will likely spell disaster for any who fall prey to their urges. The General is about to discover that when werewolves and vampires clash; there can be no winners. Carmilla: A Dark Fugue - is a stand-alone story which unfolds parallel to the events in Carmilla: The Wolves of Styria.

Oscar And The Cricket

RRP $13.99

Start with Science books introduce kids to core science concepts through engaging stories, fresh illustrations, and supplemental activities.

One day Oscar sees a ball in the grass. "Try pushing it!" says Cricket. Oscar learns that the ball rolls slowly in grass and faster on a path, until it bounces off a tree and changes direction.

Some things need a push to move, and others use their muscles to move themselves - and to move plenty of other things, too.

Fast Pyrolysis Of Biomass

RRP $284.99

This handbook is an edited version of the final report of the European Commission and IEA Bioenergy sponsored Pyrolysis Network that officially finished in 2004. It provides a companion volume to the first (ISBN 978-1-872691-07-7) and second (ISBN 978-1-872691-47-3) handbooks published in 1999 and 2002 respectively also available from CPL Press (www.cplpress.com). It is again intended that this will provide a useful guide both to newcomers to the subject area as well as those already involved in research, development and implementation. A significant feature of this third volume is the greater attention paid to wider issues concerning pyrolysis including environment, health and safety, norms and standards and marketability.

A Christmas Carol Or The Miser?s Warning

RRP $18.99

Two months after Charles Dickens published "A Christmas Carol" eight adaptations had appeared on London stages including the young playwright Charles Zachart Barnett's version which was much darker and grimmer than the others. While the other versions quickly faded, Barnett's adaptation remained in print throughout the 19th Century and even as late as the 1930s, the play was still being produced in schools and by theatres. Barnett entered the world of London theatesr early as a child actor, along with his brother John, who later achieved success as a composer. As an adult, Barnett gave up acting to concentrate on his career as a playwright. In a very short time, his plays were being produced by the leading theatres of his day. He wrote comedies, dramas, librettos to operas, and an adaptation of Dickens' "Oliver Twist." Four years after his "Christmas Carol" was produced, Barnett's promising playwriting career was cut short when he passed away at the age of 36.


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